Warike was born in the search for the perfect pairing between the Peruvian cuisine and the best product obtained in the Californian waters. Following the philosophy of our executive chef, which is to stay loyal to the concept of the true cevicheria and Peruvian restaurants, these dishes are characterized by their abundance and their traditional presence. A delight for all senses of those with an exquisite palate, Warike is now your favorite treasure.

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“Warique” which originates from two quecha words: the first being “wa” in which referred to everything that was not understood, that was unknown, or that was hidden in secret. The second is is “rique” which stems from the word “rocqro” which means stew. Warike is a hidden and secret place where one can enjoy one of the greatest pleasures of life: food.

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Restaurant life


Warike Restaurant is a Latin American kitchen that specializes in seasonal foods and global cuisines. We source our produce from local farms and vendors, with a commitment to quality, value, and environmental responsibility. As one of the farming capitals of the world, California offers a massive array of seasonal and year-round produce. Warike kitchen will focus on showcasing the ingredients in our food, telling an origin story of our Latin roots with each plate. We are Warike by Ayawaska, which is our father restaurant that is home to fresh authentic Peruvian cuisine with a special modern twist. Ayawaska’s mission is to provide a world-class dining experience into the rich and vibrant taste of Peru.

Warike Restobar


To create a unique brand that merges high-quality food with a fun, wholesome feel, while fully supporting sustainable farming practices and environmental causes. Warike will be our first Latin American kitchen of many seeds we intend to plant, always focusing on constant, self-sustained growth, and quality.


Based in Marin, Sonoma, and Napa Valley. We intend to capitalize on our extensive knowledge of local culinary landscape and dynamics. More than 10 years of experience in restaurants and Latin American cuisines. Exceptional hospitality and personalized service will separate us from our competitors. Clever branding and viral marketing ideas will make Warike restaurant a recognizable brand with immense growth potential.

Warike Restobar brings a proposal that, we are sure, will capture the most exquisite palates of the city. We count with a magical and unique space, where you can taste one of the best gastronomies of the world, the Peruvian cuisine. From now on this will be your Warike.